Saturday, December 12, 2009

FRAME 073: Christmas Explosion

WHAT'S GOING ON HERE: This one needs a bit o' explaining. What you're seeing here is called "bokeh." Put simply, bokeh is a term used to describe the way out-of-focus points of light appear in a photograph with a shallow depth of field. Normally, these bokeh will appear as circles or sometimes hexagons, depending on how many blades a camera's aperature has. What I've done here is shoot a set of out of focus Christmas lights; but I've placed a star shaped cutout over the lens, in effect changing the shape of the aperature from a circle to a star. I then took a long exposure, changing the zoom as the aperature was open. This is the result. No post-processing was done; this shot is straight out of the camera.

Taken with the Canon 5D.

1 comment:

  1. Someone is full of talent. It's a shame Photoshop is killing all this.